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The Admissions Office of the Holy Angel University provides for the selection of prospective students without regard to age, race, sex, religion, national origin, or economic status. It defines the policies and practices of admissions, which are reflective of the objectives of the institution.

Applicants who are deemed qualified to profit from the educational program of the College are admitted to the University. The following factors are considered in the evaluation of application for admission: past scholastic records, scholastic aptitude, character, recommendations and applicant's acceptance of the policies, rules and regulations of the College and of the University.


The Admissions Office of Holy Angel University will continue providing exceptional quality service to prospective students.
  • recruit and admit new undergraduate students to Holy Angel University
  • provide all prospective students timely and quality assistance in all facets of the admission process
  • serve as source of information to prospective students and parents as regards course offerings, admissions policy and procedure, as well as admissions requirements of HAU.
  • macrecruit ng marameng studyante sa HAU


The Admissions Office of Holy Angel University will continue providing exceptional quality service to prospective students.


The College of Arts and Sciences being the heart and soul of the university aims to provide quality and accessible university education to students through its academic programs. Its aspires to produce professionally and personally competent and globally competitive graduates who are responsive to technological advancements and deeply inquisitive and appreciative of the Arts and Humanities. The CAS faculty is committed to excel in their respective disciplines, to pursue scholarly research and to extend service to the community. Within the tradition of liberal education, the CAS-HAU is committed to the full and integral development of students who are cognizant of their individuality, Christian in their ideals, and aware of their potentials as leaders with confidence and courage to change.
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